User Guide - Ricoh GR

1.Use steps

Before using, please make sure that GR Linker has wireless data, geographic location, local network, and system album access permissions.

  • Configuration: Click [Add New Camera] button on the homepage and enter the Wi-Fi information in the camera settings.

  • Connect: Turn on the camera’s Wi-Fi transmission function and click the [Connect to the camera you added] button on the homepage to start the connection.

  • Select: Click the [Select] button on the upper right corner of the homepage, and then select the photos you want to download, you can swipe to select multiple. Click [download] button at the bottom to join the download list.

  • Download: You can pause, start, and clear tasks on the download page, and support multi-task concurrent download.

2.Common problems

2.1 Connect failed

  • Check the camera: whether the Wi-Fi transfer function is turned on.

  • Check the phone: whether the VPN is turned on, if so, turn it off.

  • Check the APP: whether the configured Wi-Fi name and password are correct. Generally, the Wi-Fi name of GR camera is GR_123ABC or RICOH_123ABC format, please note that GR or RICOH is followed by an underscore instead of a dash. Also avoid entering space characters.

  • Check the APP: whether the APP has wireless data, geographic location, local network access permissions.

  • Check SD card: If the SD card has photos taken by other non-GR cameras, it may cause connection, preview and download problems. Please remove these photos and try again. Also please make sure there is at least one photo in the camera, otherwise the connection will fail.

  • Other instructions: If the above problems have been checked and still cannot be connected, you can try to connect the camera's Wi-Fi in the iOS system [Settings - Wireless LAN], and then click to connect the camera in the APP.

2.2 Download failed

  • Check the APP: If it shows that the download is successful but cannot be found in the system album, please check whether the APP has permission to access the system album.

  • Check SD card: If you already have access to the system album, but the download still fails, please check the size of the photos in the download list. If the photo size is small like only 49 bytes, this situation is a problem with the memory card, and the download will fail using the official APP. Please format the card, or try another card.

2.3 Other instruction

  • Number of photos: Due to the limitation of the GR camera, the camera can return the earliest 3000 photos to the APP at most. Photos after 3000 cannot be obtained and displayed in the APP. It is recommended to back up and delete earlier photos. This is the rule of camera firmware, we can't change it, we can only see if Ricoh will update the firmware to optimize this issue.

  • Background download: If you exit the APP and use background download, please pay attention to turn off the automatic sleep function of the camera. In addition, when downloading in the background, if you use other APPs that need to be connected to the Internet, the phone may automatically connect to the Wi-Fi that can access the Internet, thereby disconnecting the camera's Wi-Fi. At this time, the background download will stop. Because the phone cannot use two Wi-Fi at the same time.

  • There are deleted photos appearing in the photo list: If you see deleted photos in the photo list, it is because the app cached photos with the same name. Please go to the third tab, click on [Clear Cache] in the settings, clear the cache, and then refresh the photo list.

  • If none of the above suggestions can solve your problem, please submit your question in APP-Settings-Feedback. We will contact you to resolve related issues.

Related permissions can be set by searching for GR Linker in the system settings. As shown below:

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